Songs About Summer

Songs about summer are a pop music staple. The Beach Boys made their living on early breezy singles that caught the spirit of California's perpetual summer lifestyle. Today, pop artists create songs about summer meant to blast from convertibles or open car windows on warm, sunny days. Songs about summer capture something in the freedom of escape from responsibility, and are often about love. Here are some more obscure songs about summer that follow along the same lines, not as popular but still wonderful soundtracks for summer road trips or lonely winter nights looking ahead to the warmer season.

  1. "Summerland" by King's X. The progressive metal band King's X always had a pop spirit at heart, and this lovely rock ballad from their "Gretchen Goes to Nebraska" album was a minor hit and remains a live favorite among fans. Beatle-esque harmonies and a catchy arpeggiated guitar riff bring forth the spirit of summers past in this nostalgic example of songs about summer.
  2. "Constructive Summer" by the Hold Steady. This, too, is a song of nostalgia, of fun summers drinking and wasting time in the narrator's past. Like many songs about summer, it is rousing and up-tempo, with loud guitars and sing-along choruses meant to be screamed back at the band by a thousand boozy fans. The Hold Steady are a new band that sounds like classic rock, and with this song, they may have their rock and roll classic song about summer.
  3. "Summertime Blues" by Eddie Cochran. This song, rather than celebrating summer, rails against it in the eyes of the narrator who's sick of how much fun everyone else is having while he sits at home with a broken heart and an inability, as a kid, to make anything go his way. It's a perfect rebellious rock and roll twist on traditional songs about summer. The Who also turned in a blistering version of this song, seen live in the film documenting "Woodstock."
  4. "When Summer's Over Will We Dream of Spring?" by Cursive. This Midwestern emo band named an entire album "Storms of Early Summer" in honor of the unmatched thunderstorms over Nebraska and the rest of Tornado Alley in the middle of the country, and the emotions that those thunderstorms can represent metaphorically. This song from that album is a cathartic angry blast, different than many other songs about summer but still carrying that hint of hope.
  5. "The Height of Summer" by The Knife. The Knife, a Swedish electro-pop duo, make music often more apt for winter, but this song, from their recent concept album about Charles Darwin, is both the poppiest track on the album and their most summery song to date. Caribbean-styled percussion and melodic vocals make this entirely electronic track feel very organic, the perfect closer for our list of more obscure songs about summer.
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