Songs About Weed

Songs about weed are as prolific and as different on the spectrum than any style of music can be from a "Let's party!" attitude to the evils of Mary Jane. The best weed songs ever recorded are many and varied, but here are some gems that really stand out from the crowd. Each song has its own flavor and expression based on what the artist is trying to convey, but they all have one thing in common: Songs about weed are  all about having a good time and being laid-back.

  1. "Gimme a Reefer" Bessie Smith This is one of the early originals. Weed songs were just coming into their own at about this time. This song's title was originally called "Gimme A Pigfoot" and the word "reefer" was mentioned only once in the entire song.
  2. "You'se a Viper" Snuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys Another great original. More along the blues and weeds theme. The song was later was covered by Fats Waller in 1943 with slightly altered lyrics.
  3. "Don't Step on the Grass, Sam" Steppenwolf This song was unique for its time as it was strictly a "do not smoke the dope" adage, warning the youth of America of the evils and pitfalls of such an herb and that pot was the killer of the youth of America.
  4. "Champaign and Reefer" Muddy Waters This song will make you feel all mellow inside; that was how weed songs started out at the time. Muddy Waters is said to really enjoy his women and his pot.
  5. "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" Bob Dylan A Bob Dylan tune. Bot much to add there, is there?
  6. "Don't Bogart Me" The Fraternity of Man This song was more a a comedy parody. Comedic songs, especially about dope, were very popular. This song was popularized in the movie "Easy Rider" and Little Feat recorded their rendition as "Don't Bogart That Joint."
  7. "Knocking Myself Out" Lil Green A blues favorite. This songs talks about the taking away heartache by getting stoned and letting go of life, if even for a moment.
  8. "Mr. Tambourine Man" Bob Dylan This song has a definite folksy tune to it. This tune had a lot of older folks up in arms when they found out what this song was really all about. This song's lyrics is a definite reminder of the hey days of the '60s when artists such as the great Bob Dylan sang of what the joys and liberations of smoking pot can do to the mind.
  9. "Smoke Two Joints" The Toyes Another modern twist on the herb. This particular song definitely allures to the excesses of smoking weed and the joys that smoking can bring to a troubled soul.
  10. "Reefer Man" Baron Lee & the Blue Rhythm Band This song was one of the first classic songs to really spell out weed to anyone who cared to listen.

Songs about weed always have a way of making you feel relaxed and calm, sublime even, while some songs about weed made you hype up and dance your socks off. It just depends on who did the tune and how they did it!

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