Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Cheats

These "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle" cheats will unlock a ton of content for the game. "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle," like all other "Sonic" games, features a lot of interesting cheats, from remakes of old "Sonic" levels to random junk for your Chao gardens. Everyone interested in "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle" should try out these cheats; they just might give you a reason to play after you beat it.

  1. Unlock Green Hill Zone. This is definitely the best cheat in "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle," especially if you are a fan of the old "Sonic" games. This will unlock a 3D version of Green Hills Zone, the first stage from the very first "Sonic" game for the Sega Genesis. Unfortunately, you need to get all 180 emblems in the game, which is a gigantic pain.
  2. Play the actual last stage. To play the actual last stage in "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle," you have to beat both Hero and Dark storylines. From here, you can select the "Last Stage?" option from the story mode menu. This cheat is great for completionists who want to see everything the game has to offer.
  3. Unlock Boss Attack mode. If, for some unfathomable reason, you enjoy fighting the bosses in "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle," you will love this cheat. It unlocks Boss Attack mode, which allows you to fight all the terrible bosses in a row. To enable this cheat, you need to beat either the Hero or Dark storyline; beating either side will unlock Boss Attack mode.
  4. Invincible Amy in multiplayer. This cheat is perfect for angering all your friends so much that they never want to play games with you again. To do this lovely cheat, hold the B-button after you die in multiplayer. Obviously, you have to also be Amy. As long as you continue to hold down B, you will be invincible and one shot everyone you touch. Try this cheat out on your younger sibling and see if they cry; just do not try it on someone bigger than you.
  5. Kart Racing mode. This cheat is great if you are too lazy to put "Mario Kart" into your console. To unlock the kart racing mode, you need to beat two missions: the Tails driving mission in the Hero story and the Rouge chase during the Dark storyline. This will unlock the kart racing mode in the main menu.
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