Sony Ps3 Repair Tips

These Sony PS3 repair tips will help you out when your console is messed up. Many thing can go wrong with a PS3, such as video corruption or no power from the console at all. These repair tips will help you understand what to do if you run into any of these problems. These are not all guaranteed to work. Sometimes there can be an unseen problem in the internal bits of the PS3 which only Sony can fix.

  1. Blank screen. If the PS3 is on and you are getting a blank screen, there is a good chance that one of your cables is either loose or dead. Check the connection between the PS3 and the television. If both of these connections are solid, try using a different input source. Sony PS3's can use both HDMI and AV inputs, so try switching to the other format. If, for example, your PS3's AV cable does not work but the HDMI cable does, the AV cable is quite dead. If neither HDMI or AV cables work, you will need to send your PS3 to Sony's repair center.
  2. Yellow light on the front of the console. If your PS3 is not working and there is a yellow light on the front of the console, you are in trouble. This is basically the code for multiple major malfunctions in the PS3. The only way to repair this is to ship it back to Sony. It will set you back around 100 bucks, but its cheaper than buyin a new PS3.
  3. Wireless is not working. Wireless not working on a PS3 is most likely a problem with your router. You need to make sure you enter the correct security code for your router in your PS3. Oftentimes, a soft reset on your router and an auto-detect through the PS3's wireless menu can fix this. Setting your router to use a WEP key is often the easiest way to repair your PS3's wireless. Some forms of security may not be compatible with the PS3's wireless, but WEP keys definately are. If it is still not working, try plugging the PS3 directly into your modem. If this fails, you will need to send it to Sony for repairs.
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