Sony Rolly

For those looking to find out more about the Sony Rolly, it has some unique and interesting features. The Sony Rolly can do so much more than play music. With its great sound and exclusive design, the Sony Rolly might just be for you.

  1. Unique motion feature. The Sony Rolly is made with Rolly Choreographer Version 1.0 software. This allows the Rolly to dance automatically based on the tempo of the song being played. The player dances and lights up with each song played. This feature can be turned on and off.
  2. Light weight. The Sony Rolly is only 300 grams. With its egg shaped design t can easily fit right into your pocket. The dimensions of the Sony Rolly are height 65 mm, width 104 mm, and diameter 65 mm.
  3. Built in speakers. This compact mp3 player supports playback through soft dome built in speakers. There is no audio output, so you won’t be able to use head phones with this player. The speakers are embedded with neodymium magnets, with a digital amplifier. This design produces clear sound.
  4. Battery life. The Sony Rolly mp3 player has a built in battery. The battery capacity allows for five hours of music play. If the motion feature is used the batter will last for four hours.
  5. Memory and download. This player has a built in memory of  2 GB. This is enough memory for up to 515 songs. The Sony Rolly allows music to be streamed directly from your computer using the Bluetooth feature. Music and also be transferred directly from the computer using a USB cord.


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