Sony Trinitron Troubleshooting

Sony Trinitron troubleshooting can be a complex process. The core element of any troubleshooting procedure is to isolate the item that is causing the problem so the repairman can do his job. You do not need any tools to do the troubleshooting steps, although you will need tools if you intend to enact repairs on your Sony Trinitron.

  1. Check for the simple things first. Anyone who took at least one PC repair class knows the first rule of troubleshooting is to check the cables. Simple problems, often called ID-10-T errors ,are the easiest to fix, but are often the most overlooked. Adjust or reattach the Sony Trinitron cables as necessary.
  2. No Sound. If a Sony Trinitron does not emit sound, you should check the volume first if you does not have speaker wires. If no sound is the only problem you experience, the speakers on the set are damaged and you need to replace them. If you hooked up your TV to your stereo, go back to the cables. Check the stereo volume and then replace the damaged speaker with a known good one.
  3. No picture. An insufficient level of brightness may cause this problem but it is unlikely.
  4. No picture and no sound. If you are certain the television is turned on, and volume and the picture are not a problem, the television suffers from a burned out high voltage transformer. A repairman can easily fix this for you, although he will charge you for it.
  5. Picture Askew. Vertical holds and horizontal holds have existed on television sets since the TV's invention. They are no longer controlled by a dial, but a user can often adjust them to the appropriate settings through the use of his remote.
  6. Sony Trinitron takes longer than usual to warm up. Many Sony Trinitron owners report this problem after they own their television for a while. A longer than normal warm up time is not a cause for immediate concern, but it could mean your high voltage transformer is starting to go bad.
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