Sorority Life Cheats

Are you looking for "Sorority Life" cheats? If so, that probably means you are as addicted to this game as countless other people are. "Sorority Life" is a game that has become quite popular on Facebook and MySpace since its introduction a few years ago. And while it’s sometimes fun to play a game by the rules and face every challenge as it comes, there’s nothing wrong with using a good cheat every once in a while. So here are a few "Sorority Life" cheats that will make the game a little easier, while still keeping it fun.

  1. Try to find a good Sorority Bot. A Sorority Bot will handle things for you that you might find too challenging, or just plain annoying. For example, catfights are a regular part of the game, but dealing with them can become a bit tedious after a while. But a Sorority Bot can handle the fighting for you.
  2. Prepare before the Costume Party. There is a point in "Sorority Life" where you will have to find ten items. Luckily, you can see a list of these items before the Costume Party event begins. Have a piece of paper handy so you can write down this list of items. Having the list will help you find the items a lot faster than you could without the list.
  3. Get a special email address. Earning brownie points is an important part of playing "Sorority Life". One way to earn more brownie points is by completing certain offers and taking surveys. These activities will require you to, among other things, give your email address. Do not use your regular email address to do this, or else be prepared to be flooded with junk mail and scam offers. Instead, set up another email account that you will use instead.
  4. Learn to make fighting work for you. As stated above, fighting is an important aspect of "Sorority Life". And there is definitely an art to it. The higher your avatars confidence level is, the more likely they are to be attacked. (And the more likely they are to lose any money they haven’t put in the bank yet.) Fortunately, you can lower your characters confidence level. How? By attacking other characters. Attacking other characters will not only make your avatar a less attractive target, it will also earn you money and other in game rewards.  
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