Soulja Boy Songs

Soulja Boy songs are often self-centered and ego driven. He comes off cocky in his lyrics, but every once in a while he will have a heartfelt song thrown in the mix. Soulja Boy songs always have great beats that translate well in the clubs. Some of his songs have dances that correlate with the beat. Even though his lyrics are often simplistic with no meaning, he still managed to become an extremely successful Grammy nominated rap artist.

  1. "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" This is the first Soulja Boy song to ever be released as a single. It reached #1 on Billboard Hot 100, and is off his 2007 debut album "" Soulja Boy was only 17 years old when he co-wrote and produced this song. At such a young age he managed to create the most digitally downloaded song from 2007. Musically, this Soulja Boy song is extremely catchy, and there is a dance to go along with the beat which can be seen in the music video. The main chorus has the lyric, "Superman that ho," but in the radio edit he says, 'ohhh" instead of the word ho. 
  2. "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" This Soulja Boy song was a single  from his 2008 album "iSouljaBoyTellem." The lyrics are about wanting to see your significant other, at that exact moment it's impossible so you talk over the phone. Musically, it is slower and softer than other Soulja Boy songs. The lyrics are sweet and adoring, which is nice to see from the sometimes lyrically degrading rapper. The song was commercially successful and features R&B singer Sammie.
  3. "Turn My Swag On" Musically, this Soulja Boy song has a catchy beat that immediately makes you want to dance. Since the beat is so powerful the lyrics are simplistic. The song is about how Soulja Boy is confident. Turning his swag on means every morning he hops out of bed being amazing. This song is from his sophomore album "iSouljaBoyTellEm." In this song he wants to reinforce that  his second album will be as successful as his first release.
  4. "Pretty Boy Swag" This is another Soulja Boy song that uses the word swag in the title. He vocally raps the song in a drawn out way, meaning he leaves a distinct pause in between each word. The beat is slow to coincide with the drawn out vocals. He lyrically created the song in a freestyle manner while in the studio. This Soulja Boy song was the first single off his 2010 album "The DeAndre Way."
  5. "Grammy" Soulja Boy wrote this song in response to losing Best Rap Song to Kanye West at the Grammy Awards. The beginning of this Soulja Boy song starts with him giving a speech about wanting the world to hear his story through his songs. In the song he has the lyric, "I don't need a hook," but ironically there is a hook in this Soulja Boy song, and it is sung by female musician Ester Dean. Vocally, he raps at a fast pace, but musically it is a slowed down beat. This song is from his 2010 album "The DeAndre Way."
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