Sous Chef Job Description

Wondering about the details of a sous chef's job description? The sous chef is second in command under the executive chef. "Sous" is a French word that means “under," so the title is accurate to the description. A sous chef has some authority over the cooking staff. If the executive chef has a night off, the sous chef takes complete control over the kitchen and the staff is expected to respect him as they would the chef.

A sous chef's role in the kitchen will be to prepare and cook dishes. Additionally, a sous chef must oversee the kitchen staff by making the weekly schedule and dealing with employee conflicts. Since a sous chef is commonly found in higher end restaurants, he is in charge of making sure the food served is of top quality.

Other job descriptions include assisting the executive chef with menu planning and inventory. He also ensures the kitchen meets safety standards. During peak hours, a sous chef will be required to make quick decisions and get the meals out in a timely manner. Although a sous chef works long hours, he rarely gets credit. As long as he has creativity with food, his efforts will be seen and make way to becoming an executive chef.

As with any leadership role, a sous chef's job description requires him to led by example, keep all stations clean and prepare foods without short cuts. Any egos should be left at the door. A sous chef should look to an executive chef as a mentor and respect the chef’s position in the kitchen.

Becoming a sous chef does not happen overnight. Becoming a sous chef can take years. Sometime a person who desires to become a sous chef must start off washing dishes and work their way up the kitchen ladder. However, with dedication and focus, the job of sous chef can be obtained.

Each city is different, but on average a sous chef can make between $25,000 and $50,000.


What is a Sous Chef?

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