Spanish Conquistadors

Spanish conquistadors were powerful and feared conquerors of the Elizabethan and Renaissance Ages. They sought out riches, prestige and status to secure their position in the world. Conquistadors were not afraid to get their hands dirty when it came to getting what they wanted. However, most were not rich or prosperous. Some were simple Spanish soldiers.

  1. New World: The conquistadors of Spain traveled to the unknown parts of the world. When they arrived to these new lands, they put up a Spanish flag and claimed it for Spain. Unfortunately, the people who already inhabited these places were considered heathens without proper clothing or religion. Conquistadors promptly enslaved or killed the inhabitants in the name of Spain's glory.
  2. Famous Conquistadors: The New World needed strong leaders and several key conquistadors gladly filled the positions. Orellana "discovered" the Amazon, Hernan Cortes destroyed the Aztecs and Francisco Pizarro ran a path of destruction through the Incas. Hernando De Soto explored Florida and Francisco Fernandez made his presence known to the Mayans.
  3. Religion: Like Spain's monarchy, the conquistadors were very religious and practiced Catholicism. They considered all other religions inferior to the Spanish way of life. Those who worshipped other Gods, such as the Incas and Mayans, were converted for their heathen ways.
  4. Clothing: It's a fantasy that all conquistadors wore plumed helmets, armor and fancy rapiers. Not all were rich and prosperous. The majority of Spanish soldiers in fact wore what they could find. Long shirts, doublet and shoes were the norm for regular conquistadors. They also wore whatever pants were available. Only the rich could wear plumes, full body armor and long leather boots. The famous balloon look only applied to the most prosperous conquistadors.
  5. Weapons: The weaponry of a conquistador included swords, muskets, crossbows and daggers. Those who could afford the best equipment usually came from the best families. Calvary soldiers/conquistadors had the best steeds with body armor. These horses were massive weapons that were as fearless as their riders.
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