Spanish Love Quotes

Spanish love quotes translate into the rawest form of passion and desire. Foreigners who visit countries may experience cultural shock that may extend from unusual sporting events to socially acceptable behavior and taboos. The chances of finding a lover increases the longer you stay in a foreign nation, either as an extended tourist or expatriate. When it comes to a nation's native language, translations will vary, even it's the same rooted in the same language. As feelings begin to develop over time, you might find it desirable to express your feelings to your lover. There are a few popular Spanish love quotes that will help humor and lighten the mood before a serious night of passionate love-making.

  1. "Cuando el amor no es locura, no es amor." This popular Spanish love quote translates into "Love is not love until it is madness." People often do crazy things in the name of love. Some people have crawled out onto a football field during a game as a declaration of love, while some have shaved their heads when their loved ones suffer from chemotherapy. True love will always come in the form of selfless sacrifice and not self-absorbed obsesssion.
  2. "El amor es ciego." Use this Spanish love quote to convey an unconditional and uncontrollable passion as it translates into "Love is blind." Love will blind those it affects in ways that defy logic. Family and friends might see a particular person who's love struck completely ignore other aspects of their lives. True love will blind self-absorbed, lustful feelings towards other romantic interests. Love will make the person you're with seem like the only person suitable for you.
  3. "Te quiero con todo mi corazón." Whisper this sweet nothing when conveying your undying love for your partner as it translates into "I love you with all my heart" in English. Romance will eventually lead to the aforementioned expression, especially after a prolonged period of intimacy. If the expressed words mean anything, then it could lead to a life-time commitment.
  4. "Cierro mis ojos y te imagino junto a mi." When you're far apart from your lover, a good Spanish love quote that translates into "I close my eyes and I imagine that you are close to me" will help reassure your lover that she's constantly on your mind. Lovers love reassurance in knowing that you're constantly thinking about them while away.
  5. "El amor, como ciego que es, impide a los amantes ver las divertidas tonter as que cometen." This Spanish love quote translates into "Love blinds the lovers to make silly mistakes," which foretells of the foolish things we will do while in love. The rationale mind loses itself in the boundless emotions engulfed in love. Some people will quit their jobs and move to an entirely different country to pursue love.
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