Spanish Singers

Spanish singers bring a lot flare to the world of music. Spain has a long history and with that history comes the richest art and music. Some Spanish singers prefer a more classical, Spanish sound while others are world famous pop stars. Some of the most famous Spanish singers are all about giving respect to their home country. 

  1. Enrique Iglesias. This world famous Spanish pop singer comes from a family of Spanish musicians. Enrique Iglesias started his career under a different name because he didn't want to only be famous for his famous last name. Enrique's father, Julio Iglesias, had a long career in Spain as a singer. After Enrique's grandfather was kidnapped by terrorists in 1985, his family moved to Miami for protection. Enrique studied business there and decided to follow in his famous father's footsteps. He recorded a demo tape with a few rock ballads such as "Si Tu Te Vas" to showcase his vocal skills. After Enrique gained attention from the music community his career climbed to the level he is at today.
  2. Nino Bravo. Nino Bravo is a famous Spanish singer who came from humble beginnings in Spain with the birth name Luis Manuel Ferri Llopis. He was a bashful child and befriended older people. Because of this, he met bassist Vicente Lopez who introduced him to the worl of music. Bravo is known for the song "Only You" and began to garnish world wide attention. He had a short life and died when he was only 28 years old due to a car accident in his BMW. His posthumously released CD called "Puerta de Amor" is one of his most famous albums released.
  3. Lola Flores. She is one of the most famous Spanish singers to come out of the country. Lola Flores is the apitome of female talent in Spain. She was strongly associated with the Spanish gypsy culture. Her upbringing was full of music and livliness. She grew up dancing the flamenco and caplo on early films. However, she married a guitarist and had three very famous children; Dolores Flores, Antonio Flores, and Rosario Flores. At her funeral an anonymous fan sang a line from one of her most famous songs, "La Zarzamora."
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