Spartacus Workout

The Spartacus Workout is a definition-focused routine that was, and still is, popularized by the magazine Men's Health. This particular workout should be executed three times a week, with three circuits being performed at each session (for a total of nine circuits a week). The workout should be performed by completing each exercise in 60 seconds, moving on to the next one in fifteen seconds. The Spartacus Workout is your ticket to high-definition muscles, a routine that can assuredly bring anyone to a noticeable tone, provided they keep consistent with it.

To start a Spartacus Workout, you'll need these:

  • Gym equipment
  • Gym attire
  • Protein shake mix
  1. Start with the Goblet Squat and Mountain Climbers. This squat is executed by holding a dumbbell in front of one's chest vertically and bending the legs down. Take a fifteen second break. After that, throw yourself down in the pushup position, lift your right leg up to your chest (as if about to sprint), switch to your left leg, and back again.
  2. Move on to the Dumbbell Swing and T-Pushup. Start by holding out a dumbbell in front of you with your right arm. Lower the dumbbell in between your legs as you crouch down, then back up again. It should make a "swinging" motion. Switch arms at the 30-second mark. The T-Pushup (the next exercise in the workout) will be executed by holding a pushup position with dumbbells in your hand, preferably ones that are hex-shaped. Go into the "down" pushup position, and as you raise yourself back up, rotate your right-side so as to lift that dumbbell in the air (making a "T" shape). Continue with the opposite side.
  3. Split Jump! The Split Jump is performed by initially standing in a lunge position with your right foot forward. Propel yourself upward into the air in a jump, while simultaneously switching legs in the forward position. You should land in the opposite position you started in (e.g. left foot forward, right foot backward).
  4. Dumbbell rowing. The Dumbbell Row is an exercise in which the athlete lifts up two dumbbells with a bend forward in the hips (almost a 90 degree angle). Do not arch your back to perform this!
  5. Continue with the Dumbbell Side Lunge and Pushup Row. One executes the Dumbbell Side Lunge by lunging from side to side with dumbbells in the hand. Touch the ground with the dumbbells when slanted towards your particular side. The Pushup Row is done when the athlete "rows" (pulls back) the dumbbell in the hand in a pushup position. In this position, similar to the T-Pushup, one should be holding weights in either hand.
  6. Finish off the workout with the Dumbbell Rotation Lunge and the Dumbbell Push Press. This Rotation Lunge requires one to hold a dumbbell in the horizontal position with two hands. Lunge forward while simultaneously rotating your torso to a particular side. The last exercise (the Dumbbell Push Press) is executed by lifting up dumbbells in either hand straight upward. One should have their knees dipped so as to explode when pushing the dumbbells upward.

The Spartacus Workout will give you toned, defined muscles that are the product of the routine's intense "super-sets." By successively completing the workout in a small amount of time, your body will get used to explosive, no-nonsense exercises and high-intensity sets. For an added challenge, do super-sets four days a week instead of the usual three.

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