Special Ops Paintball Gear Essentials

Special ops paintball gear essentials are used to heighten the experience of the paintball match. Some gear is also necessary for safety. Special ops paintball can require some gear that’s a bit different than what you might be used to, depending on the scenario being played out.

  1. Weapons. A paintball weapon is definitely an essential item when participating in a paintball match. But you could have different weapons depending on the special operation you’re playing out. For example, you could be permitted to bring more than one gun, paint mines,  slingshots or a paint grenade.
  2. Goggles. No matter what scenario you’re playing out during special ops paintball, you should wear goggles to protect your eyes and never take them off. Your goggles are a necessary piece of safety equipment and are most likely required by the field you’re playing at.
  3. Clothing. Your clothing has a few different purposes. For safety reasons, you need to have all of your skin covered. However, your clothing can also be incorporated into the special ops paintball match. For example, if the special operation scenario involves you being a soldier, reflect this in your clothing by wearing military fatigues.
  4. Shoes. Your shoes might not seem important, but the ones you choose could mean the different between winning and losing the paintball special ops match. They should definitely be comfortable and easy to move in because in paintball, you move far and fast. Your shoes should also be quiet and easily camouflaged. This means leave the white tennis shoes at home.
  5. Compressed Air. This is a less glamorous piece of paintball gear but it is definitely essential to bring along. Basically, the compressed air is used to power your gun. Without it, you won’t have anything to shoot your opponents and take them out during the paintball special ops match.



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