Speedball Paintball Positions

Speedball paintball positions are basic tournament play position and are very specific to what their role is in game play. Speedball is traditional paintball played in arena type environments. Usually in speedball you will see plenty of bunkers and a snake in the center of play. These bunkers are used to move players upward to take out the opponent and thus win the speedball play. This article will outline the basic speedball position and give some insight as to their function in play.

  1. Front or Frontman: This is the player that is positioned at the top of the offensive push. Normally the front player is at the furthest position or the first bunker on the team’s side of the field. This player’s responsibility is to push forward and take out players on the way. The best offensive and shooting person(s) should be placed as the front to take out the opposing players
  2. Mid-Players or Midfielder’s: These players are set between the back and front players to provide support where needed. These players should be your most versatile, meaning they can play up (shoot) and play back (defend). The idea of the midfield is to support all areas of play and pull forward or back to replace a fallen player. This is the most difficult position to play in speedball.
  3. Back-Player or Back: Situated at the back at the last row of bunkers, the back player’s role is the simplest and requires the least amount of skill in speedball. The back player’s role is to provide suppressing fire for the front and mid-players. They keep paintballs running up the alleys to allow the other players to move or provide coverage when players are pinned down or require support in a bind.



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