Speedball Paintball Tips

Speedball is a very quick and exhilarating paintball game that it is important to heed many speedball paintball tips. The game focuses on two opposing forces each attempting to reach a goal like retrieving a flag or some other object. Here are some great tips for a beginner speedball paintball player to ensure you aren't wiped out within seconds.

  1. Play some other paintball game first. Speedball is very fast-paced, so it is important to learn the basics of paintball and get experience outside of the speedball arena. Playing against friends is a great way to improve skills and master the art of the trigger.
  2. Always be moving. If someone stays in one spot during this fast-paced game, the opponents are able to spot them and hone in their shot to that location. If someone keeps moving, opponents are less likely to know where they are and surprises are more evident. It is an important speedball paintball tip to always keep the opponents guessing where you are. 
  3. Fire fast and retreat (snapshooting). When behind a bunker during a game of speedball paintball, it is important to take chances by jumping out from behind the bunker and firing off some shots before retreating quickly and possibly moving on to the next bunker. This will keep the opponents thinking and possibly even catch them off guard. 
  4. Go missing. This strategy tip is called “going missing” because the paintball player must stay behind a bunker and not fire their paintball gun. This makes the opponent not know where they are at all as they aren’t showing any signs. This also can cause the opponent to become paranoid of your presence, especially when a whole team is silent. 
  5. Watch how the professionals play. If you’re new to speedball and seeking out real beginner speedball paintball tips, it is important to watch an actual game.  This can be done by watching the professionals on television or by going to the local paintball arenas and watching local teams take on each other. This a great way to see how other speedball players play and what strategies teams employ. 
  6. Communicate. Set up hand signals and strategies with teammates beforehand. If teams don’t have a plan, there is little hope of winning a speedball match.  This speedball paintball tip is important as teams can organize distractions and paths through the course. Some players are better at different things as well and can make a difference taking a different path. 
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