Spiriva Side Effects

If you suffer from COPD or any other lung condition, check out these Spiriva side effects. Spiriva is a highly marketed medication designed to help you breathe better. It controls the symptoms of lung disease by opening up the airway. However, it does not treat sudden breathing attacks. Here are some side effects and facts about Spiriva.

  1. Allergic reactions: The biggest side effects of this medication are allergic reactions. It can cause swelling of the tongue, throat and airway of some patients. This can be a life-threatening situation. You should stop using the medication immediately if this occurs and contact emergency services.
  2. Hives: Hives are an allergic reaction caused by some medications, including Spiriva. It is characterized by small to large reddened welts that appear on the skin. These skin lesions may appear on the back, face, neck and chest area. Hives is often not life-threatening unless it occurs within the throat or oral cavity. Treatment of this side effect includes avoiding hot showers and baths and wearing constricting clothing. Anhistamines are also treatments used to reduce itchiness.
  3. Conflicting with other medications: You should always tell your doctor about other medications, vitamins and supplements you are taking. Spiriva can interact with medications used to treat glaucoma, prostate problems and urinary conditions.
  4. Dry mouth: The most commonly known side effect of Spiriva is dry mouth. This problem may cause canker sores, ulcers, bad breath and gum problems. Special mouth rinses can be used to relieve symptoms. However, you should discuss treatments with your physician since other medications can interfere with or cause problems while taking Spiriva.

Spiriva side effects are things to consider when taking this medication. It is wise to speak with your physician before taking any drug for the first time.

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