Sports Pump Up Songs

The best sports pump-up songs instills excitement and energy in the fans. Sports pump-up songs are meant to stir up the fans and get them a little rowdy and vocal. These pump-up songs will bring the crowd to their feet and kick up the noise. This is great for the home team. If the song is pumping up the crowd, it will have a similar effect on the team. Conversely, the noise and energy brought on by these pump-up songs can be a distraction or irritant for the visiting team. The best sports pump-up songs are loud, fast and deliver a message in their lyrics. This article will introduce a few pump-up songs that highlight the ideas behind the concept. You won’t hear a ballad or a country sorrow song as a pump-up sports song. Not enough energy or positive emotion. No, these pump-up songs get the blood flowing and the smiles glowing.

  1. Hard driving with a message. These songs will bring the crowd to their feet and get them roaring. The message will unite many in song and the noise level will be electric. These types of songs are best served at the beginning of the game to get the crowd stirred up. Samples of these pump-up songs are Queen’s "We Will Rock You," Disturbed’s "The Sickness" and Baha Men’s "Who Let the Dog’s Out?"
  2. Wake up and pump 'em up. These are songs used to ignite the audience when the team is down, whether they are losing or falling into a slump. These songs will raise the fervor of the crowd in the hopes of getting the team back on track. Samples of these pump-up songs are AC/DC’s "Thunderstruck," Thousand Foot Krutch's "Move" and DMX’s "Tear it Up."
  3. Game’s over and we won! The best songs of course are the after-victory or when-the-game-is-sealed songs. These stir up the already happy crowd into a pleasing frenzy. Cheers and foot stomps galore. Good times are had here, and these songs add to the joy of the finale. Samples of these pump-up songs are Queen’s "We Are the Champions," the Eurythmics’s "Sweet Dreams" and Fort Minor’s "Remember the Name."

Of course, you can mix in your favorites. These are some of the most basic sports pump-up songs, and you are bound to hear them when they are needed during a game. There are dozens of other appropriate songs, so go out and sample a selection and get pumped.

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