Spring Break Ideas For Friends

Everyone wants to have an incredibly enjoyable spring break vacation, so here are some of the top spring break ideas for friends! Spring break should be filled with fun, adventure, and new experiences, and these spring break ideas for friends are sure to provide just that!

  1. Go to a tropical location. Enjoy a tropical location such as the number one spring break destination: Cancun, Mexico. You can also enjoy other popular tropical spring break locations such as Costa Rica or Jamaica. Going to a tropical location is one of the most popular spring break ideas for friends, and if you don't want to travel outside of the country, there are plenty of tropical spring break destinations in Florida!
  2. Have a staycation. Enjoy a vacation in your area! This spring break idea for friends is becoming increasingly popular. Hang out with your friends in your college town and enjoy all the activities you usually don't have time for!
  3. Go on a road trip. Take a road trip with friends somewhere throughout the United States or to Canada or Mexico! A road trip is definitely a great spring break idea for friends who are seeking an adventure over spring break!
  4. Explore a nearby city. Get out of the city or town you and your friends go to college in, and enjoy a nearby city. Find out about all of the unique characteristics of a nearby city and enjoy and explore the awesome nightlife there! This is a great spring break idea for friends who want to leave home but not travel too far.
  5. Go on a party cruise. A party cruise is a fun spring break idea for friends that is growing in popularity. A party cruise is just that — a never ending party with your friends while cruising the ocean! This unique spring break idea is sure to be a blast!


  • Don't drink too much. Watch out for yourself and your friends, so that no one gets sick.
  • Don't leave your group of friends with a stranger or someone you just met.
  • Keep protected from the sun if you're going to a tropical or sunny location.
  • Make sure you have your ID and any essential supplies if you will be far away from home.
  • Make sure you have a designated driver if you are far away from home or your hotel and you and your friends are drinking.



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