Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Spring is a fun time of year, and these spring bulletin board ideas can help celebrate the season. The best bulletin boards have a lot of input from the kids, and it is always good to sneak a little education in as well. Since spring is a fun time of year, bright colors are a good way to keep with the spring theme.

  1. Spring butterfly collage. Since spring is the time of year when all the trees get their leaves back and everything is growing, you can have the kids make butterflies out of brightly colored card paper. Decorate the bulletin board to look like grass and sky with a big tree without any leaves in the center of it. The butterflies can be attached to the tree limbs to look like colorful leaves.
  2. A spring reading bulletin board. The bulletin board can be covered with yellow background paper. Make the bottom look like grass. Since many creatures are coming alive in the spring, you can decorate the bulletin boards with different kinds of bugs and flowers. Caterpillar, ants, and bees can be colorful and animated, while they are holding or reading books. The title of the board can be "Don't bug me, I'm reading".
  3. Earth Day. Since Earth day occurs every spring this is a great way to make the kids aware of the day and it's purpose. Use all kinds of recycled materials to decorate the bulletin board, along with other natural materials.
  4. A spring picnic. Make your spring bulletin board into a picnic. Decorate the board to look like a picnic blanket. The blanket can be filled with paper plates that the students have written on. What they write can come from any lesson you happen to be working on at the time. Poems or other short blurbs will fit well. The plates could also be filled with pictures of foods that the kids put into the correct categories such as carbohydrates, fats, or proteins.
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