Springboard Diving Equipment Essentials

Springboard diving does not take a lot of equipment, but you will need these springboard diving equipment essentials to get you started. Unlike many other sports, the equipment is minimal in springboard diving. As long as you have access to a pool with a diving board, you can get started with very little.

  1. Swimsuit. In order to dive well you will need the right kind of swimsuit for springboard diving. The men's suit is commonly known as a Speedo. This kind of suit allows you to move freely. There are several companies that sell this kind of suit including Speedo, Nike, Dolfin, and Adidas. Women should always wear a one piece suit to ensure that is stays on when you hit the water.
  2. Shammy. This is a fancy name for a small towel. They are very absorbent and most divers use them to dry themselves off after they dive. The difference between a shammy and a towel is that they also dry very quickly. Unlike a regular towel, all you need to do is squeeze it out and it is dry and ready to use again after your next dive.
  3. Wrist guards. Although wrist guards are more commonly worn by platform divers, they are also a useful piece of springboard diving equipment. The wrist guard helps to support the divers wrist from the impact of hitting the water.
  4. Smack suits. Smack suits help in springboard diving when a diver is learning a new dive and they hit the water wrong. They are very similar to a wetsuit, helps protect the diver from the impact of the water hitting them. Smack suits also help to keep divers warm if they are spending a lot of time in and out of the water when they are practicing.
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