Springboard Diving Quotes

Springboard diving quotes can be used by divers to express just how much they love the sport. These fun, interesting and creative quotes are able to amuse other springboard divers who see them, as well as people who know springboard divers. Even though the quotes aren’t attributed, they are definitely worth reading.

  1. “I’d rather be diving.” This springboard diving quote let's others know you would always rather be diving and in the water  than walking around like everyone else. It basically emphasizes your commitment and love of the sport.
  2. “Dive clean. Let others splash.” When springboard divers enter the water, they position themselves to splash as little as possible. This springboard diving quote is reiterating that point in a clever way.
  3. “Dive Clean. Leave no ripples behind.” Yet another way to reiterate the point that springboard divers are not supposed to splash when they hit the water, this quote leaves other people out of it. Instead, it focuses purely on the stillness of the water after a dive is completed.
  4. “Live. Love. Dive.” Like the first quote, this springboard diving quote emphasizes your commitment to the sport and tells other just how much you like it. It implies that you could not live without diving.
  5. “<3 Diving.” The simplest of the springboard diving quotes, the heart symbol in this quote stands for the word “love.” Therefore, the quote can translate as “love diving.”

Once you start using these quotes in your everyday life, the people around you will start to realize just how much you love springboard diving. You can post these quotes on your social networking sites, place pins or patches on your backpack and other gear, or you can display them on your vehicle through a fun bumper sticker.



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