Sprint For The Ball In Water Polo

Knowing how to sprint for the ball in water polo will make the sport more enjoyable. While playing water polo, every bit of energy should be used up to sprint for the ball, across half the length of the pool.

Things you will need to sprint for the ball in water polo:

  • Pool
  • Ball
  • Referee with whistle
  1. You should be poised at the side of the pool where the referee is going to drop the ball, with your trailer, or person who you will flip the ball back to, positioned right next to you. This will properly position your body to transfer the most energy when you sprint for the ball in water polo
  2. Sprint for the ball in water polo by pressing your feet against the wall and pull your body up with the help of your hands.
  3. Before you sprint for the ball in water polo, you need to wait until the referee blows his whistle.
  4. As soon as the referee blows his whistle, sprint for the ball by pushing up and out of the wall and dash for the ball.
  5. Start swimming in freestyle immediately, just as fast as you can to start the sprint for the ball.
  6. Complete one stroke in freestyle with your head out of the water to determine the distance from the ball, which will be dropped halfway between the two teams. You can also keep your eyes open underwater to determine the halfway point when you are going to sprint for the ball in water polo.
  7. Your last stroke should be overextended, with you stretching out as far as possible to grasp the ball under you.
  8. As soon as you have the ball in your grasp, flip it back to your trailer. If you do not get the ball, turn away and guard the other team’s trailer who is likely to have the ball.
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