Spritzer Recipes With 2 Colors

Are you looking for spritzer recipes with 2 colors? A spritzer is a wonderfully refreshing drink that is perfect for a summer get together. If a colorful spritzer is something you think you will enjoy, check out the recipe below. This recipe is simple and you are sure to enjoy the end result. This colorful spritzer recipe can make entertaining your friends a fun and relaxing experience.

To make a spritzer with 2 colors, you will need:

  • Rose wine
  • Seltzer water
  • Sugarless cranberry juice
  • Sugar
  • Lime wedges for garnish
  1. This spritzer recipe will require you to start by getting a large pitcher so you can mix all of your ingredients inside. You're first going to add your bottle of rose wine, then two cups of your seltzer water and one cup of your cranberry juice. You don’t want to have sugar in your cranberry juice because you will be adding your own sugar, which will taste much better anyway.
  2. Now that you have all of your liquids together, you need to get your sugar ready. You will be adding a quarter cup of sugar and will mix until you can no longer see the sugar in the colorful drink. If you’re not ready to drink your spritzer, you can chill it until you are. When you have all of your company ready, you will pour your spritzer into your glasses and use lime wedges for your garnish, and to add an additional color to the recipe!

Now that you have your colorful spritzers, sit back, relax and enjoy your drink. This is a delicious mixture and it will also bring you to another place, so enjoy it with your friends or by yourself, whichever is better for you. Drink responsibly, but enjoy!

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