Squash Equipment

You can't play squash without the right squash equipment. You'll need the proper protective squash equipment to lower your risk of injury as well as the right racket and squash ball. Squash equipment also includes the shoes you wear while playing and gloves to grip the racquet with.

  1. Goggles. You may not be required to wear protective goggles when playing squash, but odds are you will want to. Once the game gets going, the ball can travel at very high speeds. You definitely do not want to get hit in the eye with that, as it can permanently damage your vision. You want goggles that fit securely on your face and won't go flying off as you run around the court. Shatter-proof and anti-fog goggles may be a good investment too.
  2. Balls. Another piece of essential squash equipment, the type of squash ball you'll use in a game depends on your skill level. Some squash balls are very bouncy and suitable for beginning players while others are less bouncy and good for more advanced players. The less bounce a ball has, the harder you need to work to keep it going. The balls are marked with dots that indicate how bouncy they are.
  3. Racquets. The size of a squash racquet also depends on the skill level of a player. If you're just learning to play, you'll want to use a larger racquet. As you become more skillful and accurate, you can get a smaller racquet.
  4. Shoes. You can't wear regular sneakers to play squash. You need the proper squash equipment here too. You should find court shoes that fit your feet well and provide a good amount of traction that you can pivot and move about the court quickly without slipping.
  5. Gloves. You only need one glove, for your racquet hand. Look for a snugly fitting glove that breathes so your hand does not get sweaty.
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