Stage 5 Clinger Definition

A stage 5 clinger is a term used to describe a person (generally a female, but not always) who is extremely obsessive or needy with their romantic partner. Generally this person will be possessive and obsessive with their partner because he or she took their virginity, but it can also occur with individuals who were not virgins, as well. This is a term used to describe a male or female who is too clingy for comfort, and who generally causes extreme annoyance to his or her love interest. 

A stage 5 clinger often will call, text, email, or stalk their boyfriend or girlfriend endlessly, looking for love and affection. This usually has the opposite effect for the other person, however, and it tends to cause issues in the relationship. Instead of running into the clinger's arms and giving into the annoying, obsessive behavior, the person will usually try to avoid this stage 5 clinger at all costs. They will often leave calls and text messages unanswered, hoping that the clinger will finally just go away. But a stage 5 clinger usually continues to hold on, and cannot take a hint. 

The stage 5 clinger may be so obsessive that she or he will go to extreme measures to reach their love interest. It is not uncommon for a stage 5 clinger to pop up at the most inconvenient times and to somehow find a way into the person of interest's home, even though the doors were locked. They may become so possessive and needy that the only way to get rid of them is to have the law intervene on the situation. But even with a restraining order in place, a stage 5 clinger might still pursue their love interest with an undying passion. A clinger, especially one who is a stage 5, will not give up without a fight. 

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