Stand Up Paddle Boarding Spots In Oahu

If you’re still under the impression that a really awkward looking activity that has an even more awkward name is actually a sport, you might be interested in finding out where the best stand up paddle boarding spots in Oahu are. Most men prefer high-adrenaline activities often involving engines, but if your wife wants to stand up paddle boarding on your honeymoon in Hawaii, these are the top five spots for it on Oahu:

  1. Waikiki Beach. Jam-packed with tourists year-round because of the calm waves and central location, Waikiki Beach is an ideal place to go stand up paddle boarding. Don’t get caught staring at women in thongs—they’re everywhere and your wife won’t be pleased. 
  2. North Shore. This beach is much less crowded, and might be ideal if you just can’t trust yourself surrounded by throngs of thongs. Avoid a fight and enjoy the safe waters of the plentiful inlets and protected bays. You might even spot a sea turtle.
  3. Haleiwa Beach. A decent guide or paddle board rental company will point you in the direction of the lush river that feeds into Haleiwa Beach. Most tourists aren’t aware of it, so you’ll likely be among locals and a few clever travelers such as yourself. Enjoy the unspoiled tropical surroundings on a stand up paddle board.
  4. Kailua Beach. This is on the east coast of Oahu is Kailua Beach. You’ll find yourself surrounded by windsurfers and sun-worshippers hoping for an open beach with soft sand. Several outlying islands make this spot especially interesting from the water. 
  5. Ali’I Beach. This beach is home to the Reef Hawaiian Pro, part one of the Vans Triple Crown surfing competition. There’s a small protected inlet on the south side of the park that creates ideal conditions for paddle boarders. This beach is also where "Baywatch" was filmed. 
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