Stand Up Paddle Spots In Hawaii

Looking for stand up paddle spots in Hawaii? Stand up paddle surfing is one of the most popular activities in Hawaii, and there are plenty of great locations to enjoy it. Hawaii is famous for its beautiful weather, stunning beaches, and pristine water. It's a great place to learn to stand up paddle surf, or take your paddle boarding to a new level. Here is a list of the top five stand up paddle spots in Hawaii.

  1. Waikiki Beach. Waikiki beach is Hawaii's most famous beach and it is jam-packed with tourists all year-round thanks to the gentle waves and central location. Waikiki Beach is the perfect place to enjoy some quality stand up paddle boarding. It's got plenty of amenities, so you can rent equipment if you didn't bring any with you. There are also a number of instructors and schools on this beach, so even complete beginners can have a go at stand up paddle boarding here. Great for everyone and all the family too.
  2. North Shore. This beach is much less crowded, and is much more suitable if you don't want to be distracted by all the throngs of people. The safe waters of the plentiful inlets are a great place to get some quality stand up paddle boarding in. There are also plenty of sheltered bays where you can fall off your board in total privacy. The water is usually pretty gentle around here, so it's perfect for getting used to standing up on your board. You might even be lucky enough to spot a sea turtle.
  3. Haleiwa Beach. Most Hawaiian locals or tour guide will be able to send you in the direction of the tropical river that flows into Haleiwa Beach. This beach isn't as well-known as other Hawaiian beaches, and most tourists don't even know about it. This means you’ll probably be stand up paddle boarding with locals and a few clued-in travelers such as yourself. It's a great place to get away from all the crowds and tourists and focus on becoming one with the ocean. Enjoy the unspoiled tropical surroundings as you enjoy stand up paddle boarding.
  4. Kailua Beach. Kailua is on the east coast of Oahu, way off the beaten tourist track. You’ll find yourself surrounded by body-boarders and windsurfers looking for a wide-open beach with soft sand. There are several surrounding islands that make this beach especially beautiful and unique from the water. You'll be able to get in plenty of stand up paddle boarding practice and lose yourself in an afternoon of sun and surf.
  5. Ali’I Beach. Ali’I beach is the home ground of the Van Triple Crown competition – one of the world's most prestigious competitions. You'll find a little protected inlet on the southern end of the reef that has pristine conditions for stand up paddle boarders. On top of all this, it's where the famous "Baywatch" was filmed as well. There's picture perfect sand, sun, and sea for your Hawaiian stand up paddle boarding experience.



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