Star Trek Armada 2 Mods: How To Install

This is a guide for Star Trek Armada 2 Mods: how to install them. Star Trek Armada 2 is part of a series of Star Trek computer games. The plot of the game takes place in the Star Trek’s “Next Generation” universe with fights between Star Trek planets and empires, including the Klingon Empire, the United Federation of Planets, the Romulan Star Empire and the Cardassian Union. You can have an even richer gaming experience if you learn how to install Mods that will enhance and alter the Star Trek Armada 2 game.

  1. Start by researching possible Star Trek Armada 2 Mods that you can add to the game. Ask other people you know who play the game and check out some websites that offer different Mods. Third party websites, such as File Front and Strategy Informer  also offer Star Trek Armada 2 Mods.
  2. Read through any terms and conditions on the third party websites before you start the download. Make sure all Star Trek Armada 2 Mods are completely free, for example. You might also be required to create a user account, which usually involves sharing your email address with the website.
  3. Select the Star Trek Armada 2 Mods to install. For most third party websites, you can select the Mod by clicking on it, and you will then be taken to a “Download” page.
  4. Find and click the “Download” link. From the “Download” page, you will see the option to download the Star Trek Armada 2 Mod. Once you click “Download,” the Mod should start to install. You may have to click “Download” again.
  5. Copy the Mod file into your Star Trek Armada 2 game. After the Mod is downloaded, install it by copying the file and pasting it into the Star Trek Armada 2 Directory. This will officially install the Mod and allow you to use it within the game.
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