Star Trek Legacy Guide

Looking for a Star Trek Legacy guide? "Star Trek Legacy" is a strategy game that was released in 2006 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the original "Star Trek" television show. It was released for both PC and the XBOX 360 and allows players to control up to four different ships in order to combat the familiar enemies from three generations of "Star Trek" shows and movies.

This is a simple "Star Trek Legacy" guide, which goes over some of the controls, basic game play, and storyline.

  1. XBOX Controls: Left Stick – Manual helm (steers ship); Right Stick – Camera swivel (moves cursor); L-click (L3) – Sub-system targeting toggle on/off; R-click (R3) – Camera center; Green Button – Context / command action (tap to move in 3D); Gold Button – Toggle warp engines on/off; Blue Button – SysOps allocation menu; Red Button – Impulse engine menu; Back Button – Tacmap (tactical map); Start Button – Pause game; objectives, in-game hints; Bumper Left – Damage control and special system menu; Bumper Right – Target object menu (tap for quick capture); Trigger L – Photon Torpedos; Trigger R – Phasers; D-pad – Ship selection and menu choice selection. 
  2. Gameplay covers the three generations of "Star Trek": Enterprise, which covers the time before the original series; Original Series, which encompasses the crew of the original Enterprise; The Next Generation, which encompasses TNG, Deep Space 9, and Voyager respectively.
  3. The player takes control of Captains Archer, Kirk, and Picard as they complete missions and defeat enemies, like the Romulans and the Borg. There are different ships that the player will be able to control, from each era. The tutorial mission, which starts in the Enterprise era, starts gameplay with one ship and then moves up for every mission-so mission #2 will have two ships, and so forth.
  4. For the first section-Enterprise-the missions are fairly shorter, but action seems to pick up once the original series is reached, as well as the next generation segments. The later missions will usually include doing more than one thing in order to advance to the next segment. Actors from the show, such as William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Kathryn Mulgrew voice their characters depending on if the player chooses their respective ships to use as leads for any campaign.
  5. Players are able to purchase and upgrade their ships or any portion of their ship for use in battle. It is very important for players to keep an eye out for their ship's health-hull integrity is important as the lower the hull's structure, the worse danger the ship is in until catastrophic failure ensues.
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