Star Trek Legacy Mod

Have you searched the Internet for an amazing "Star Trek Legacy" mod and have yet to find anything? Fear not, because we have found some of the best "Star Trek Legacy" mods out there so you don't have to keep on looking! You're sure to find a perfect "Star Trek Legacy" mod amongst this list of greats.

  1. Aftermath: Battalia Requiem. This is probably the most widely-renowned "Star Trek Legacy" mod ever made. The mod is divided into two parts: educational and recreational. The first half teaches gamers how to use the mod while encouraging them to go out and make their own "Star Trek Legacy" mod, while the second half pits players against one of the toughest enemies yet! This "Star Trek Legacy" makes learning about the game fun!
  2. The Ultimate Universe. As the title states, this is one of the more comprehensive "Star Trek Legacy" mods on the Internet. It combines the best parts of every iteration of "Star Trek," from the original series to "Next Generation" and beyond! Fans of any "Star Trek" canon will eat this "Star Trek Legacy" mod up!
  3. Keys of Legacy. While "Star Trek Legacy" is a great game, it is quite flawed in many ways. This "Star Trek Legacy" mod aims to fix the game from the ground-up by implementing many of the features that were cut out before the game's launch while simultaneously improving the parts of the game that are already there. This is truly a "Star Trek Legacy" mod by the fans, for the fans.

If you're looking for the best in "Star Trek" PC gaming, be sure to try out these "Star Trek Legacy" mods. These "Star Trek Legacy" mods will ensure that your gaming experience is running as smoothly as possible.

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