Star Trek Legacy PC Cheats

For those that want to enjoy a fairly good "Star Trek" storyline without worrying about their strategy skill, Star Trek Legacy PC cheats are the way to go. As one of the last console Trek games, and likely the last from the old continuity, Legacy is one of the last chances that most fans will have to interact with the original Trek universe. For those that choose to play the game on the PC, there are a fair number of "Star Trek Legacy" PC cheats. 

Unfortunately, "Star Trek Legacy" PC cheats require a bit more than just entering a code cheat. If you want to modify your game, you will need to get comfortable with modifying a few files. As a precaution, you will need to back up the file before doing any editing.

  1. Open up your Config.cfg file. This file is incredibly important, so make sure you only make changes that you know will work. It is a wise idea to back up this file before making any changes.
  2. Find your important code lines. For "God Mode", this is "cfg_SPPlayerDamageModifier = 0.35." For infinite command points, it is "cfg_COMMAND_POINTS_MULTIPLIER_FOR_DECOMMISSIONING_SHIP = 0.5."
  3. Modify your files. For "God Mode," change the line to "cfg_SPPLayerDamageModifier = 0.0." For command points, change to "cfg_COMMAND_POINTS_MULTIPLIER_FOR_DECOMMISSIONING_SHIP = 2.0."
  4. As a final note, the Command Points cheat increases the resale value of ships. The change allows the player to sell a ship for twice the original value. In short, you can sell a ship, buy it back, and sell it again to make a profit.


As yet another warning, make sure to back up the config.cfg file. If you make any efforts to change the file that were not outlined, you may break the game. Rather than having to do a re-install, just restore the file to your backup. This is, however, the only way to use "Star Trek Legacy" PC cheats, so good luck!

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