Star Wars’ Actors: Where Are They Now?

Some of the actors from the original “Star Wars” film (“A New Hope”) have remained in the spotlight, while others beg the question, “'Star Wars' actors: where are they now?" “Star Wars” made household names of unknowns like Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. While Ford has gone on to be one of the biggest box office draws in history, some of his co-stars have had less high-profile careers.

  1. Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. Relative unknown Mark Hamill played the wide-eyed, young Jedi-to-be Luke Skywalker. After the “Star Wars” trilogy, Hamill suffered from being too closely identified with his career-making Sci-Fi character. These days, Hamill has turned to doing voice over work for shows like “Justice League” and “Metalocalypse.”
  2. Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Harrison Ford played ultra-cool space stud and captain of the Millenium Falcon, Han Solo. Without a doubt, Harrison Ford has had the most successful post-“Star Wars” career. Following “Star Wars,” he had two more blockbluster franchises playing Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan. Ford shows no signs of stopping. Jon Favreau recently confirmed that Ford is set to star in his upcoming film “Cowboys & Aliens.”
  3. Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. Daughter of Hollywood legends Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher was just eighteen when she was cast as sharp-tongued space royalty, Princess Leia Organa. Fisher has made no attempt at hiding the fact that she’s had problems with addiction and depression. She’s written several books about her struggles, including the memoir-turned-movie “Postcards from the Edge.” In 2009, she took her memoir “Wishful Drinking” to Broadway as a one-woman show.
  4. James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader. Classically trained actor James Earl Jones was never seen in any “Star Wars” film, but his voice will forever be remembered as the most evil Sci-Fi villain of all time, Darth Vader. James Earl Jones followed the trilogy with numerous stage, film and voice over roles–most notably as Mufasa in the Disney animated movie “The Lion King.” He recently played the voice of the Giant in a new live action version of “Jack and the Beanstalk.”
  5. David Prowse as the body of Darth Vader. British bodybuilder and actor David Prowse had the physical presence to embody the villainous Darth Vader, standing at six feet, seven inches tall. Prowse continued to act after “Star Wars.” He also is the honorary leader of the 501st, Legion, a group dedicated to creating authentic “Star Wars” costumes. In 2009, he started promoting Welsh musician Jayce Lewis. Together, they launched a new label called Dra'clla Records.
  6. Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca. George Lucas found Han Solo’s sidekick in Peter Mayhew, who measured at an impressive seven feet, three inches. Mayhew has made a career out of playing Chewbacca. He’s continues to appear at fan conventions suited up. He’s donned the Wookie costume for TV specials and theme park rides. He reprised the role in the third movie of the second trilogy, “Revenge of the Sith.”
  7. Anthony Daniels as C-3PO. Anthony Daniels will forever be known as the overly informed droid C-3PO. Like Mayhew, Daniels has turned his “Star Wars” character into an industry, most recently making appearances as the golden droid on the "Star Wars" in Concert tour. He is one of only two actors that have appeared in all six “Star Wars” films.
  8. Kenny Baker as R2-D2. A former circus performer, three feet, eight inch tall British actor Kenny Baker was the perfect actor to don the R2-D2 suit for George Lucas. Kenny Baker is the only other actor to have appeared in all six “Star Wars” films. He’s continued to act outside of the “Star Wars” franchise, embarked on a brief stand-up career in the 90s, and recently saw the publication of a book about his life, “From Tiny Acorns: The Kenny Baker Story.”


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