Star Wars Battlefront 2 No Overheat Cheat

There is not a true “Star Wars Battlefront 2” no overheat cheat that uses the typical secret button mashing patterns or code input console. But one does indeed exist. It is just not a cheat the developers of “Star Wars Battlefront 2” bequeathed to the fans. It is actually a chunk of software modification and is commonly known as 302nd Conversion mod.

  1. Why overheating is necessary. Having your weapons overheat in a chaotic melee sucks. But without this little catch, the game would grow boring and lose it's strategic edge. The developers did not want a button masher so they made weapons overheat to slow down itchy trigger fingers and force players to think before they shot. Naturally many people resented this and longed for a “Star Wars Battlefront 2” no overheat cheat. But even most of the mods available keep this in the game at some form or another to keep things in check.
  2. How to avoid it fairly. You do not need a “Star Wars Battlefront 2” no overheat cheat to be good at the game. Just stop mashing the button and try aiming. Shooting is pretty intuitive and mildly accurate when you get the rhythm. But we all need an edge now and then that edge usually goes to the Republic troops. The 302nd Conversion mod gives the Republican scum a huge advantage.
  3. How to get the mod to cheat. There are tons of mods available for “Star Wars Battlefront 2”. The no overheat cheats are actually rare because it does tip the scales somewhat unfairly and change the game dynamics. But you can easily find the 302nd Conversion mod online. If you are having problems locating “Star Wars Battlefront 2” mods try sites like Be warned there is no easy installer. You will actually have to read the 'Read Me' to know where to swap files.
  4. What the mod does. The 302nd Conversion mod puts you in command of some vicious Republican troops. Basically it is just a change of color in uniforms and insignia but it does feature a no overheat cheat for the clone commander's chaingun. To be honest, it makes “Star Wars Battlefront 2” fights too easy as you can go nuts on the enemy. But heck, it is pretty fun to mow them down.  
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