Star Wars Battlefront 2 PSP Cheats

Looking for a few "Star Wars Battlefront 2" PSP cheats? "Star Wars Battlefront 2", which is both a first and third person shooter video game, was released for the PSP in 2005. The game is developed by Pandemic Studios and Savage Entertainment and published by Lucas Arts. "Star Wars Battlefront 2" is split into the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras and it is your job to eliminate the enemy from both eras.

  1. Regenerating Ammo. One of the best "Star Wars Battlefront 2" PSP cheats is the regenerating ammo cheat. All of the weapons that you currently have will refill for you each and every time you reload, without limitation. To use this "Star Wars Battlefront 2" PSP cheat code, you will need to be playing offline and your game will need to be paused. The code is UP, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. You will hear a chirp noise if the code is activated.
  2. Player Invulnerability. You will have a health meter while you are playing "Star Wars Battlefront 2". If your health meter goes to zero, you will have to restart the campaign that you are on. To make yourself immune to attack by the enemy faction in "Star Wars Battlefront 2", pause the game while you are in offline mode and enter the following cheat code: UP, UP, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, UP, UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT. The only way to turn this "Star Wars Battlefront 2" PSP cheat off is to restart your PSP.
  3. Slow-Mo Sounds. While the slow-mo sounds "Star Wars Battlefront 2" PSP cheat will not impact your game play at all, it will make the game cooler to play. Like all "Star Wars Battlefront 2" PSP cheats, you will need to pause your game in order to input the code. The code for this cheat is UP, UP, UP, LEFT, UP, DOWN, UP, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. Please note that you will continue to hear the slow-mo sounds while playing "Star Wars Battlefront 2" until you reboot your PSP.
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