Star Wars Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Looking for some Star Wars bedroom decorating ideas? If you are a Star Wars fan, a Star Wars bedroom is the perfect place to dream sweet Star Wars dreams! Your bedroom is an expression of yourself. Once you decide you want to turn your bedroom into an intergalactic fantasy, the fun begins. There are tons of decorating options for a bedroom! The sky is truly the limit when it comes to decorating ideas for a Star Wars bedroom.

To decorate your bedroom in a Star Wars theme, you will need:

  • Star Wars bedding
  • Paint
  • Glow in the dark Star Wars stickers
  • Movie posters and frames
  • Wooden stars
  • Silver paint
  • Fishing wire
  • Nails
  • A drill
  1. Select your bedding. Star Wars bedding comes in a variety of designs. You need to choose your side, light or dark. The light colors would be green and blue. The darker side is usually red, black and white. Choose a Galactic Heroes or Clone Wars theme for your bedroom.
  2. Paint your walls in a color that will create the setting. Use a dark or midnight blue to give the appearance of being in outer space.
  3. Apply stickers. Choose something that will easily come off if you decide to change the decor. You can find all the characters from the movie. Use different characters for each side of the room to create the battle.
  4. Frame the movie posters. You can arrange these posters all over the room. Make sure the frames coordinate with each other. If needed, spray paint the frames.
  5. Paint the wooden stars. Select any sizes you would like to use. Once they dry, drill a small hole in each star. Thread fishing wire through and tie a knot. Leave enough wire to hang the stars from the ceiling. Use the nail to attach the wire to the ceiling.
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