Star Wars Books That Refer To Han And Chewie Meeting

While the topic was not clearly addressed in the original "Star Wars" films, there are a couple of "Star Wars" books that refer to Han and Chewie meeting and reveal how the reluctant science fiction and his furry sidekick became practically joined at the hip. If you have ever wondered exactly what the back story behind Han and Chewie was, here are a few books that address the matter in full detail.

In the expanded universe of "Star Wars," the best place for fans to start learning about how Han Solo and Chewbacca originally met is the novel "The Hutt Gambit." "The Hutt Gambit" was written by Ann C. Crispin in 1997 and is the second volume to "The Han Solo Trilogy" that covers all Han's adventures and misadventures up to the point that he met Luke Skywalker in the original "Star Wars" films. In "The Hutt Gambit," it is revealed that Han met Chewie aboard a slave ship while he was serving as a lieutenant for the Empire. When Han's commanding officers instructed him to skin the defenseless Wookie alive, Han refused to obey the orders and smuggles Chewie to safety instead. Chewie responds by swearing a lifelong debt to Han and the pair soon became inseparable partners.

Although "The Hutt Gambit" is the only "Star Wars" book that covers the story of Han and Chewie's meeting in full, there are also some general reference materials about the expanded universe of "Star Wars" that goes into this subject in considerable detail. "The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia" is perhaps the most essential guide to the franchise available to curious fans that is currently in print. This three volume set includes comprehensive information on every minor and major character that has appeared in the "Star Wars" series, including a concise and accurate description of how Han Solo and Chewbacca met. A more affordable general reference book that covers Han and Chewie well is "The New Essential Chronology to Star Wars" by Daniel Wallace. This paperback book is dedicated to integrating all of the plot lines of the various Star Wars films, comic books, cartoons and novels into one logical chronology. Wallace has done an excellent job of clearly explaining the back story of how Han and Chewie met without requiring a reader to sit down and work their way through Crispin's novel.

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