Star Wars Cake Decorating Ideas

Any Star Wars fan on earth or in a galaxy far far away needs to have some great Star Wars cake decorating ideas. They are perfect for birthday parties, movie marathons or just because you like cake. Using creativity is essential for making a perfect Star Wars cake. We offer tips on how to create them yourself, or consider using a cake decorator if you really want to make the cake special.

  1. Star Wars Characters Cake Ideas: There are a few iconic Star Wars characters that can be created as a cake. R2-D2 can be easily made using a round and a rectangular cake pan. After you have baked the cakes and allowed them to cool, carve out the arms and base of R2 and decorate with blue and white frosting. If you want a truly spectacular R2, talk to a cake designer about decorating one that stands up. Yoda and Darth Vader heads also make perfect Star Wars cakes. Again, a designer can craft you the perfect 3-D Cake, or you can carve the deigns out of a large sheet cake. Find some creativity in the character choices.
  2. Star Wars Space Ship Cake Ideas: Using a 3-D circular cake mold, you can decorate the perfect Star Wars cake: The Death Star. Cut out a small circle in one section of the cake to create the ray gun, and cover the cake in grey icing. Set the ship on a sheet cake with black icing. Dot the icing with flecks of white to make the stars in the galaxy. Star Wars Legos have great little spaceships that can placed around the Death Star to add realism. The more you detail this cake, the better it will turn out. A Millennium Falcon cake can also be carved from a round and rectangular cake pan. For easier Star Wars ship cake decorating ideas, simply make a large sheet cake, decorate the cake with black icing and stars, and using icing tubes, draw the ship onto the cake.
  3. Star Wars Jedi Cake: The force is strong in this cake, crafted using basic Jedi concepts and characters. For a really simple idea, craft a light saber out of a large rectangle cake. Cut the cake in half long ways, and stack the halves end to end. Because this is a Jedi cake, be sure to make the light saber green or blue. Another good choice is to re-create the scene of Luke's training with master Yoda. Decorate a two color cake of both jungle and swap. Crash a ship into the swamp side of the cake, and decorate the jungle with tree figurines. Place a Luke and Yoda figurine at the edge of the water, as Luke tries to harness the force to raise the ship. Creating any scene with Luke and Obiwon also works for a classic Jedi cake.
  4. Epic Battle Star Wars Cake: Using your imagination and a lot of little Star Wars figurines or Legos, this cake decorating idea can be the most fun. Starting with a flat sheet cake, build up volcanos spewing lava and place little dead men into the red icing. For a battle in space, set up levels on the cake and place fighter ships facing each other, drawing laser beams with icing. If you can find the proper figurines, a Vader vs. Yoda battle can be recreated on a tower cake, as can Luke's battle with Vader.
  5. Star Wars Wedding Cake: This romantic fanboys cake decorating idea cannot be omitted from this list. If your lady won't let you theme the wedding cake, use this idea for the grooms cake. That's what it's for, right? A cake designer would be very helpful making this classy and romantic for her, but fun and battleworthy for you. A Han and Leia wedding topper is in order here, and they can trek through the elements, or just be in the cargo bay of the Millennium Falcon. That really is the best first kiss any two characters have ever had, ever. Be creative and have fun. You only get married once, right?
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