Star Wars Collectibles Talking Jedi Fighter

Among Star Wars collectibles, talking jedi fighter figures remain highly desirable. You can find them online, in hobby shops, and in catalogs like "Brain's Toys" Here are ten of the best to get you started.

  1. "Star Wars Epidode I" Obi-Wan Kenobi Interactive Talking Bank.  Though not a traditional figure, this bank is a  highly collectible talking Jedi fighter. One of three Talking Interactive Banks released for "Episode I", this one seems to be the most valuable with a current asking price around 100 dollars.
  2. "Star Wars Epidode I" Qui-Gon Jinn  Interactive Talking Bank. The second in the set. (The third is Darth Maul, who, not being a Jedi fighter isn't listed here.) This bank is also highly collectible, but can be found for around 40 dollars.
  3. Star Wars Episode I" Electronic Taking Qui-Gon Jinn Action Figure. This twelve inch figure of the Jedi fighter, Qui-Gon, says lines from the movie, makes battle noises and, according to the packaging, comes with "Lightsaber Combat Action!"  For under twenty dollars, what could be cooler?
  4. "Star Wars" Call Upon Yoda Electronic Action Figure.  This is one of the most interactive Talking Jedi Fighters ever made. This Yoda has 500 phrases, knows stories and trivia, and he moves! No wonder he's fetching about 200 dollars these day!
  5.  "Star Wars" Interactive Yoda with Light Saber. This is the poor man's version of the Call Upon Yoda. With a 450 word vocabulary he is supposed to be able to improve your lighsaber skills. And for 70 dollars or less, that's a pretty sweet deal.
  6. "Star Wars"  Yoda Talking USB Desk Protector. Plug it into your USB port to keep the Sith away for your computer. When Yoda detects motion near your computer, he will utter a challenge using one of six phrases. This is a really unique Talking Jedi Fighter that will run you from 30 to 40 dollars.
  7. "Star Wars" Yoda Talking Plush. If it seems that Yoda is making this list a lot, it's probably because he is the most produced Jedi fighter out there. And for this type of toy, I don't think Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan would fill the bill. This Yoda doll says six phrases and is too cute for words. The only talking Jedi fighter on this list that is advertised as "huggable". Great gift  to get the kids started right! (Or secretly snuggle yourself.)
  8. "Star Wars" Luke Skywalker FX Pen. One of the weirder Jedi fighter collectibles, Luke's head tops a pen and speaks four movie phrases. You twist his head to lower the pen tip. Weird, but cheap. This will only set you back about eight dollars.
  9. McDonald's "Star Wars" Yoda Talking Bobble Head. If the pen wasn't strange enough for you and you haven't gotten your fill of Yoda, you can have Yoda's disembodied head atop a Republic Gunship for about two dollars! Press a button and he says, "May the Force be with you!" So he qualifies as a talking Jedi fighter, but barely.
  10. Commtech Figures. Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Luke, Mace, Anakin, and more. Choose your Jedi Fighter "(or any "Star Wars" character and they are probably available in these  3 and 3/4 inch figures. The voices and  sounds aren't built in to the figures. Instead, they come on Commtech "chips" included with each figure. You have to have a Commtech reader to listen to the chips, but you can get one of those for under ten dollars. The figures themselves range greatly, but many are quite cheap. Because of the price and variety, these are a lot of fun to collect.

So if you are looking to collect talking Jedi fighters, there are plenty to choose from. You just need a little time and money to get started. Good luck, or  as Yoda would say, "May the Force be with you!"

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