Star Wars: Empire At War Mods

If you want to get the most for your game, you need to try out these "Star Wars: Empire at War" mods. "Star Wars: Empire at War" is one of the most critically-acclaimed games in the "Star Wars" franchise. The following "Star Wars: Empire at War" mods will extend your gaming experience and give you more hours of enjoyment out of this awesome game!

  1. Fight for freedom. This is easily one of the highest-quality "Star Wars: Empire at War" mods! Unit caps have been increased, vehicles are now more powerful, and each faction has been re-tooled to be more in-line with their strengths in the movie. If you're looking for a great re-imagining of an already-stellar game, be sure to check out this awesome "Star Wars: Empire at War" mod!
  2. Red dissention. This is an interesting reworking of "Star Wars: Empire at War," in that it makes the factions into the United States and Russian Communists. Expect new ships, new storylines, and more interesting armies tangentially based off of those in "Star Wars: Empire at War!" If you're a fan of McCarthy, download this unique "Star Wars: Empire at War" mod today!
  3. "Star Wars" Clone Wars. This interesting "Star Wars: Empire at War" mod takes the units from "Star Wars: Empire at War" and remakes them in the image of the new "Star Wars" trilogy. The Empire is now the Galactic Republic while the Rebel Alliance is morphed into the Separatists. If you're a fan of the entire "Star Wars" story and not just the original trilogy, then this is the "Star Wars: Empire at War" mod for you!
  4. Phoenix rising. Easily one of the most ambitious "Star Wars: Empire at War" mods yet, this expands the story of the game to take place in the final days of "Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi" and includes both heroes and villains from the film! All of the units and vehicles get massive upgrades, each faction gets its own unique hero units, and there are even unique story missions to play. This is easily one of the most comprehensive "Star Wars: Empire at War" mods out there!

If you're looking to expand on an amazing game, try out some of these "Star Wars: Empire at War" mods today! These "Star Wars: Empire at War" mods will definitely give you a chance to look at the game in a way you did not know possible until now!

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