Star Wars KOTOR 2 Cheats

"Star Wars KOTOR 2" was one of the better role playing games released on the original XBOX, and many players are now looking for "Star Wars KOTOR 2" cheats. A game that managed to pull off an engaging story and a few remarkable set pieces despite a famously rushed release, years after, many are looking for ways to power through the gameplay and delve deeper in to the story, hoping for some hints of what's to come in the third entry in the series (Bioware's upcoming The Old Republic MMO).  Below are a few "Star Wars KOTOR 2 Cheats" that can help you get through the game a bit easier.

Infinite Credits

You will need:

  • Handmaiden 
  • Clothes

This cheat is a fairly simple way to get an infinite amount of credits, the currency of "KOTOR 2".  This cheat takes advantage of a programming oversight rather than a true glitch, and can be used as often as necessary.  This is one of the easiest "Star Wars KOTOR 2" cheats to pull off.

  1. Duel the Handmaiden.  You will get many options to do so, and it does not matter if you win or lose.
  2. Equip regular clothes on your character.  It does not matter exactly what you equip – just that your character is dressed.
  3. Talk to the Handmaiden
  4. Choose "Do You Think You Should Put Some Clothes On" Option.  This is the crux of the cheat – the Handmaiden will now equip her robe.
  5. Continue conversation.  Choose "I disagree" as the first option, and then try to end the conversation as quickly as possible without lowering the Handmaiden's opinion of your character.
  6. Switch characters.  Use the "black" button on the controller to do so quickly.
  7. Remove robe.  The item will now be added to your inventory.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7.  Once you build up a fair supply of robes, you should be able to sell them for quite a bit.  Each robe is worth around 2000 credit

Infinite XP

You will need:

  • Nar Shaada Refugee Sector
  • High Persuade
  • Low Treat Injury

This "Star Wars KOTOR 2" cheat is a great way to max out your character's level at a relatively early point in the game.  By taking advantage of another oversight, you can, with a bit of patience, hit the level cap without getting in to any sort of combat.

  • Defeat Serocco Gang in the Refugee Sector.  This is a fairly easy fight, and the last one you will have to engage in for XP.
  • Find Husseff.  He will be roughly in the middle of the Sector, and has a mission for you.
  • Find the Sick Refugee.  His name is Geriel, and he needs your help…
  • Attempt to heal Geriel.  You must fail at this task.  Your Treat Injury skill should be as low as possible to make sure this attempt fails.
  • Find Saquesh.  He is the Exchange boss. DO NOT KILL HIM!  He is the key to your infinite XP.
  • Follow this Conversation pattern: "There is a diseased refugee." -> PERSUADE Option – > "I do not have the means to cure him…" ->  End Conversation
  • Repeat Conversation.  Each time you repeat the conversation, you will be awarded 1000XP.  This is a great, quick way to level up your character!

The combination of these two cheats will allow you to breeze through the game fairly quickly.  Instead of worrying about combat or getting the best items, you can concentrate on the plot and your character.  For the best effect, try to complete each cheat as early on as possible. 

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