Star Wars Kotor 2 Download Coruscant Jedi Temple Mod


If you own Star Wars KOTOR 2 for the PC then you may want to know how to download the Star Wars KOTOR 2 Coruscant Jedi Temple Mod. It's actually a pretty simple process to download and add the Coruscant Jedi Temple to your copy of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II.

  1. Download the Coruscant Jedi Temple mod for Star Wars KOTOR 2. The best copy of the mod for Star Wars KOTOR 2 can be found at This version of the file has been tested and proven to work. Make sure you have some kind of program like WinZip or WinRAR on your computer because that's what you'll use to open the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Coruscant Jedi Temple Mod.
  2. After you have opened the “KOTOR 2” mod folder in your file extraction program, you should see many different files. The version from filefront came with all of the mod files for the Coruscant Jedi Temple mod, and a notepad file. All that is found in the notepad file is information on how to uninstall the mod from your copy of Knights of the Old Republic II. Scroll down until you see "Install" file and double click it.
  3. Follow the prompts from the "Install" file to add the mod into Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II. Make sure you allow the installation to complete before you exit out of the installer. If you leave certain files missing, it will ruin the mod in the game and possibly mess up other parts of the actual KOTOR 2game itself, making it necessary for you to reinstall the game!
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