Star Wars Party Ideas

Star Wars party ideas are by far the most powerful force in the universe. They flow between all living things and can be focused at will by clever party-planners in order to shape fun and awesome Star Wars-themed parties, or at the very least tolerable and adequate ones. Here are five totally space-tastic Star Wars party ideas:

  1. Hold lightsaber duels. Sometimes the best Star Wars party ideas are the most obvious ones. And when people think "Star Wars," they think "lightsabers," which causes them to think "lightsaber fighting." The logical progression is clear: buy some toy lightsabers (until they come out with real ones) and fight with them!
  2. Watch "Star Wars." Did you know that Star Wars, in addition to being a source of resonant popular mythology and obsession by millions of people worldwide, is also a movie? How's this for a Star Wars party idea: get some friends together and watch the "Star Wars" trilogy. It's pretty good, actually.
  3. Destroy a Jar Jar Binks pinata. When planning a Star Wars party, it's important to try to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. And literally everyone wants to beat the hell out of Jar Jar Binks with a stick. You probably won't even have to send out invitations or anything.
  4. Have a "special edition" party. Throw a party that everyone likes. Then, throw the exact same party, but add a bunch of stuff that no one likes and stubbornly refuse to even acknowledge the existence of the previous party. This party idea perfectly replicates the experience of watching "Star Wars." Which is, uh, positive, I guess.
  5. Take someone's "Star Wars" virginity. We all have that one friend who has never seen "Star Wars." It might be a cool idea to build a party around the momentous, life-changing milestone that is getting your Star Wars cherry popped (don't worry, George Lucas is nothing if not gentle). It's better for this individual to have a supportive network of friends to help him through this difficult time. Don't forget the before-and-after photos!
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