Starcraft 2 Cheats For PC

Looking for a few "Starcraft 2" cheats for PC? "Starcraft 2," which is made by Blizzard Entertainment, is an awesome strategy video game that is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Many people do not realize that there was a 12 year gap between the release of the original "Starcraft" and "Starcraft 2." Please note that you will disable all achievements in "Starcraft 2" for PC by entering any of the following cheats.

  1. Instant Defeat. Are you having a hard time with a certain character in "Starcraft 2?" You can bypass that character by using the instant defeat cheat code. To use the "Starcraft 2" instant defeat cheat code for PC, press Enter on your keyboard, type in LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEven and then press Enter again.
  2. Disabling Food. Of course, the character that you are playing in "Starcraft 2" needs to eat. Some people aren't interested in wasting time wandering around looking for food. You can disable your character's need for food, or supplies, by pressing Enter on your keyboard, typing in Bunker55AliveInside and pressing Enter again.
  3. Weapons Upgrade. Upgrading your weapons is a great way to complete the process of beating "Starcraft 2" quicker. This cheat code will also upgrade your armor and shields by 1. To use this "Starcraft 2" cheat for PC, press Enter, type in iamironman and press Enter again.
  4. Gas. Is your vehicle running low on gas in "Starcraft 2?" You can correct that problem by using a cheat code that gives you 5,000 gas credits. You can use the "Starcraft 2" gas cheat for PC by pressing Enter on your keyboard, typing in realmendrilldeep and pressing Enter again.
  5. Resource Upgrade. Different resources that you will collect in "Starcraft 2" can range from food to gas to credits to minerals. There is a cheat code available that can upgrade all of your resources by 5,000. To use this "Starcraft 2" cheat code, press Enter, type in WhoRunBartertown and press Enter again.
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