Starcraft 2 Cheats

Blizzard's sequel to the 1998 hit features an astoundingly long campaign that may have some users wanting to use some of the StarCraft 2 cheats to speed up the shorten the length of the missions. The game's cheats can only be used in single-player and will disable any achievements from being earned, but it can be an even payoff for some players with less time on their hands.

  1. Receive additional resources. The key to managing any base in 'StarCraft II' is having plenty of resources to devote to your growing army and expanding base. Instead of managing another base full of SCVs and probes, type "smoldersbolds" to receive 5,000 minerals and vespene gas.
  2. See the entire battlefield. Victory in 'StarCraft II' relies heavily on effectively countering whatever units your enemy may attack you with. By typing "TookTheRedPill" the cheat will remove fog of war, so you can see your opponent's base and the units they are building immediately.
  3. Remove supply cap restrictions. This cheat can be particularly useful for races which do not receive benefits from buildings that improve the unit cap of your army. Type "Bunker55AliveInside" to remove any unit cap restrictions on your army.
  4. Decrease building time. Type "CatFoodForPrawnGuns" to significantly decrease the time it takes to complete buildings. The cheat will stay activated for the entire game and will also increase the speed units are completed.
  5. Heal units instantly. Save your favorite and expensive units by typing "ImADoctorNotARoachJim". This cheat restores the health of all your units.
  6. Become an instant victor. Find yourself backed against a wall? Already have the battle won with just a few more buildings to seal the win? Save yourself the trouble and type "WhatIsBestInLife" to instantly win the match.
  7. Never lose another unit. This 'StarCraft II' cheat will allow you win with a single SCV. No, seriously. Type "WhatIsBestInLife" to give all your units invincibility and dramatically increase the damage they do.
  8. Upgrade the stats of your units. Want to give your units increased stats without spending all the resources to actually do so? Type "IAmIronman" to upgrade the weapons, armor, and shields of your unit by one.  
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