Start Weight Training For Wrestling

For a novice to succeed in a wrestling discipline, they need to start weight training for wrestling. While weights are not the sole workout for a wrestler in training, it does a lot to aid them in their performance and muscular preparation. For those who are looking to start weight training for wrestling, take a look at this list:

  1. Squats. Squats are one of the best compound workouts currently available. They work out pretty much all of your legs with an emphasis on your quads. Strong legs are a necessity for lifting heavier opponents and it will aid you in having an explosive dash. Squats are said to also increase the production of human growth hormone, which is said to improve the growth of muscles in your body.
  2. Deadlift. The deadlift is another one of the three great compound workouts. It workouts out the back primarily, while also giving the added benefit of a stronger grip. The deadlift is a very demanding workout and should be done with a lower amount of sets and around eight repetitions. This workout is necessary to start weighttraining for wrestling because it improves the muscular conditioning of your whole body.
  3. Power Cleans. Power cleans are one of the most important workouts for those looking to start weighttraining for wrestling. This exercise promotes explosive strength and power, a necessity for wrestlers. Form is important for this workout, so be sure to watch videos and practice the proper technique for this exercise lest you acquire injury.
  4. Bench Press. The bench press strengthens pushing power and builds muscle on your chest and triceps. It should be included in the workout simply because it is a great compound exercise and it increases power. This exercise is a necessity to start weighttraining for wrestling because of how efficient it is as a compound workout.
  5. Pull-ups. Although this is a simple body weight exercise, it is one of the most effective back building exercises available. It serves as a great supplement to the deadlift, although the emphasis is placed on two different parts of the back. You should ideally be doing wide grip pull-ups to greater improve your strength and isolate your back muscles. A novice should use this workout to start weighttraining for wrestling because the back is an important tool in wrestling.
  6. Hammer Curls. Hammer curls are a bicep workout primarily. This is an isolation exercise which is usually sought to be avoided during strength exercises, but those of you who want a holistic weight training approach may welcome this addition.
  7. Shoulder Press. The shoulder press is an efficient shoulder building exercise. It aids in your grappling technique and raw power, which is always a plus. The shoulder press targets almost solely your shoulders when the technique is perfect, which makes it one of the go-to exercises when trying to increase the strength of your shoulder.
  8. Lat Pull-down. The lateral pull-down is a machine workout that workouts your upper back. While it should not be emphasized in a workout plan, it does serve to be a great supplement to the compound workouts that you perform. The grip on the lateral pull-down should be wide, as would your pull-ups, in order to isolate the back muscles and offer greater chance for improvement.
  9. Toe Raises. Toe raises build your calf muscles, which in-turn improves your dashing speed and your agility. This workout may be necessary for those wrestlers who specialize in speed and technique rather than power. With the squats and toe raises, also referred to as calf raises, performed in one day, you are targeting both the calves and the quads which offers a whole leg workout.
  10. Dips. Dips are a fairly demanding tricep/chest workout in which you lower and raise yourself on two parallel bars. They are great for building muscle and strength, and increasing your bench press after reaching a plateau. Although dips are a great workout, they should not be the focus of your workout plan. This exercise serves to supplement the chest and triceps after cherished workouts like the bench press. 
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