Steak And BJ Day 2010: 5 Ideas

Curious about Steak and BJ Day 2010, and 5 ideas to help you celebrate? Now, we know that according to the guys, only two ideas should come to mind: steak and BJs. But women, believe it or not, have thought up a few ways to elaborate on this less-than-creative “holiday” that the boys have obviously put little thought into beyond their bellies and baggage. It was pretty considerate of the founders of Steak and BJ Day to schedule it for March 14th, a month after Valentine’s Day, so ladies will know which deserving fellows will be recognized properly. But for you naughty boys who were neglectful of your female companions, you may have another thing coming. Whichever type of dude you are, Steak and BJ Day 2010 will be completely outdone by every Steak and BJ Day to come with these 5 ideas that all include, you guessed it, steak and BJs!

  1. Bad Jokes. Guys who actually think that this Steak and BJ Day is in any way comparable to Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love, should get a rubber steak from the pet store and a bottle of hand lotion.
  2. Broken Jaws. If you happen to have had your first date with a girl on March 14th, Steak and BJ Day, and expect more than steak, a broken jaw is what you’re more likely to get if there are any blunt objects within her reach.
  3. Bad Jobs. Some ladies will go the extra mile to make a point and don’t mind taking one for the team. Guys, if this is the lady you date on Steak and BJ Day, you’ll get a steak. And you’ll get a BJ all right. A bad one. The only thing worse than getting a BJ is getting a BJ that sucks. Or in this case, doesn’t suck.
  4. Big Johns. We all know one. Every woman on the planet is associated with some “Big John” who is ready to throw down a beating at the drop of a dime. We keep guys like that on speed dial for cryin’ out loud. Just remember guys, if you step out of line on Steak and BJ Day, you may be putting that steak on your black eye after you get a visit from “Big John.”
  5. Biased Juries. Now don’t forget to be very particular about who you approach on Steak and BJ Day. Proposing such and intimate act in a less-than-delicate fashion could result in an assault charge. Remember, no means no.

Now, for those who were less than well-behaved for Steak and BJ Day 2010, the 5 ideas mentioned above should help keep you out of trouble next year. And for the guys who are kind, considerate and respectful to the ladies, you’ll get just what you deserve, too. Let’s start with a nice prime rib.

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