Steps on How To Shoot A Basketball

In order to become a better offensive player, follow these steps on How To Shoot A Basketball.  Proper form and mechanics, along with practice, are essential in developing a good jump shot.  Follow these steps on how to shoot a basketball to develop the effectiveness of your jump shot.

  1. Use your legs in the shot.  The jump shot begins in the legs.  From a crouching position, jump strongly in order to transfer the power into the shot.  Practicing good mechanics in your legs is important for consistency, especially when fatigue sets in.
  2. Hold the ball properly before the follow through.  You will need to bring the ball upwards over your head as you reach the height of your jump.  Your non-dominant hand holds the ball on the side.  The shooting hand is placed under the ball, perpendicular to your arm, which should be at a ninety degree angle.
  3. Follow through in the shot.  Your shooting hand should quickly "flick" at the wrist, providing back spin and propelling the ball forward.  It is important to follow through, so that you provide consistent and the right amount of power.
  4. Make sure you are getting a high arc on the shot.  Your shot should not be flat, which will minimize the chances of the ball going in the basket.  You want to give the ball a high arc so that it has a better angle at going in.  There is too much of a good thing; don't sacrifice accuracy and power for an arc that is too high.
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