Steroids In Sports

It's no secret that steroids in sports are used despite the fact they are frowned upon and illegal. There are many supporters of steroid use and many who oppose the practice. Those who oppose steroids in sports say the performance enhancing drugs offer an unfair advantage over those who don't use them. On the other side, supporters say athletes use other drugs and remedies to treat sports related aliments, so why not allow steroids to be used in sports? Whether you agree or disagree with the use of steroids in sports, the fact remains that the use of these performance enhancing drugs do pose a level of risk.

Those who excel in athletic competitions are looked at differently than the average athlete, which adds a certain amount of pressure to athletes to increase and maintain their athletic abilities. This often causes athletes to be tempted to use steroids to achieve the results peers and coaches place on athletes. The use of steroids in sports boost an athlete’s muscle mass and strength but won’t, however, increase their athletic skills or agility. Often, the use of steroids in sports are abused, which can produce dangerous side effects for athletes. Currently, steroids remain illegal or banned from athletic associations. Athletes who are found to be using steroids often face serious consequences, which can include suspension and fines.

Although the majority of athletic associations frown upon the use of steroids, there are those who support the use of the performance enhancing drugs. These supporters want to make the use of the steroids legal. During a recent debate, 37 percent of the audience supported the use of steroids, while 59 percent oppose the use. There was an estimated four percent that remained undecided regarding the use of the performance enhancing drugs.

Many factors must be taken into consideration when determining whether or not to legalize steroid use in sports. There’s the fact many believe it offers an unfair advantage, as well as the health risks that must be evaluated. Steroids can cause complications with the blood, heart, liver, skeleton, skin and immune system. Plus, they can cause psychological changes as well.

The debate over the use of steroids will continue even as there’s an increase rush to legalize the use of the performance enhancing drugs. Should the drugs become legalized, an athlete should carefully weigh the benefits and risks associated with their use.

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