Stick Cricket Tips

Mastering the Stick Cricket game isn't hard, provided you know the best Stick Cricket tips. The secret to beating the game isn't about practice or entering some super secret cheat code. It's simply about understand how to recognize and deal with the different pitches you'll encounter while playing Stick Cricket.

  1. Identify the pitch. Pitches in Stick Cricket will be divided into two categories. The first category is the so-called -tump category and includes offstump, middlestump and legstump. Learn to recognize this first and you'll be well on your way to winning Stick Cricket.
  2. Figure out the length. Next, you need to figure out the second category of pitch, which is short or full. This is easy because it's simply based on how far the ball goes. Put this all together and you'll have the name of the Stick Cricket pitch, such as offstump-full or legstump-short.
  3. Swing based on pitch type. Once you've taken some time to use these Stick Cricket tips and identify which pitches the pitcher is throwing at you, it's time to respond. For throws with an off-spin, meaning they curve at the last second, use either the left or up arrow key to hit the ball. It will take a little practice to get the hang of which works best for each spin. The important thing is to avoid the right arrow key and you'll be just fine. For leg spin pitches (a slower curve), use up or left. For offstump pitches and any other Stick Cricket spin pitch, use right or up.
  4. Make a judgement call. Non-spin pitches are easy and you can use whatever arrow key corresponds with the direction the ball is traveling. If it goes to your left, swing left. On the right side, swing right. No tricky spins are around to throw you off this time.
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